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ON LEAVE 2014-2015


Ceci N’est Pas Embres (2012)
Ceci N’est Pas Embres is a ‘database diary’ film, comprising thirty-two short stories about creative process and rural life. This interactive, nonlinear film was built using the Korsakow System, for which I am co-developer. Watch it here. Ceci N’est Pas Embres was selected for the Docs 2.0 section of RIDM 2013.

Lost Leaders: The metadata of film
An ongoing series of open-ended experiments exploring found footage (16mm, 35mm), particularly commercial film leaders. Remediation processes include macro-lens photography and stop-motion animation using a powerful microscope. In collaboration with sound artist Jackie Gallant.

The Montreal Signs Project
An outcome of my earlier research/creation initiative Logo Cities, the Montreal Signs Project focuses on the cultural histories associated with, or sparked by, old signs, for example: fabrication technologies, media, labour, language, immigration, ethnicity. The MSP includes a permanent exhibition of signs from local enterprises, including Bens Restaurant, Monkland Taverne and Warshaw’s. See also the Farine Five Roses collaborative art project.


Matt Soar

Associate Professor

BSc, Building, Nottingham Trent University

MA, Communication, Simon Fraser University

PhD, Communication, University of Massachusetts Amherst

I am on leave for 2014-2015. For BA program questions and issues, please contact my colleague Professor Tim Schwab.

My scholarly background is in design, media and cultural studies; I am also an intermedia artist, filmmaker, and writer. My research-creation activities generally lie at the conjuncture of emergent and residual media forms. This is my page on the Explore Concordia portal. I teach lots of different courses, including in the Intermedia production stream.

I am Principal Investigator on a SSHRC Research/Creation in the Fine Arts grant titled Adventures in Research-Creation, now entering its final year of funding. My teammate is Monika Kin Gagnon, and our collaborators are Florian Thalhofer, Phil Hoffman, and Midi Onodera. Our event Database | Narrative | Archive, an international symposium on digital nonlinear storytelling, was held at Concordia in May 2011; Monika and I recently co-edited the DNA Anthology, a post-symposium collection of seven nonlinear, interactive essays built using Scalar.

I am codeveloper of the Korsakow System, a software application for nonlinear storytelling. I have taught dozens of Korsakow workshops, including Montreal, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and Melbourne, the University of Bologna, and the Montreal Encuentro. I designed and built my ‘database diary’ film Ceci N’est Pas Embres using Korsakow, and this film was recently selected for the Docs 2.0 section of RIDM 2013. My essay Making (with) the Korsakow System: Database Documentaries as Articulation and Assemblage has just been published by Palgrave in the edited collection New Documentary Ecologies. If you’re asking it’s not fair dealing: Animating Canadian copyright issues in a read-write classroom has just been published in R. Coombe & D. Henry (Eds.) Dynamic Fair Dealing: Creating Canadian culture online (University of Toronto Press).

In March 2014 I had a brief artist’s residency at the Media Archaeology Lab at UC Boulder. During the same trip I gave an artist’s talk at Counterpath in Denver about Lost Leaders, my creation-as-research project exploring film leaders as the ‘metadata’ of analog film. In March 2014 I presented on Lost Leaders at the ninth Orphan Film Symposium, in Amsterdam. The EU-based project Performigrations had its first meeting at the University of Bologna in May 2014. I worked with all seven artists to create a collective Korsakow ‘sketch’ film. In May 2014 I was part of a research-creation panel at the International Communication Association’s annual conference in Seattle.

26 ways of thinking about a graphic advocacy poster will appear in Liz Resnick’s forthcoming book Graphic Advocacy: International Posters for the Digital Age (2001-2012). Outsiders, an animation for which I did the voice-over narration, reached the final six in the Short Film competition at Sundance London 2013.

Credit: Timelapse portrait by Vine user Lisa Lumos.

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