Diploma Network

K. Garcia, Diploma, 2004-2005
“After graduating from the program, I was hired as the Quebec producer/director for CBC Artspots. CBC Artspots are a series of 30-second works and longer interview-type profiles which showcase art and craft made by living Canadian artists. The items play on television during commercial breaks in the middle of regular programming, sometimes on local news or arts & entertainment programs, and on the web at www.cbc.ca/artspots.

“I’ve also made a short film “How to Get a 10ft Virgin Through an 8ft Gate” which was broadcast on CBC ZED and shown at the Montreal World Film Festival, the Edinburgh International Film Festival, and the Sapporo Short Film Festival in Japan. I am currently working as a producer at Handel Productions through a CFTPA mentorship, while working on my own films/projects on the side.
I’ve just finished a music video for the single “Disown, Delete” by Montreal based artist Ensemble featuring the vocals of Cat Power (out on FatCat Records). ”

M. Lance, Diploma 2003-2004
“Right away after the Diploma (August 2004) I was hired as an assistant-director for a TV magazine (social, cultural, political matters). This year, the same program hired me as a director for two months and a half. At the moment, I’m waiting to know if I’m accepted at a media institution in their new program, documentary (profile directing). I had a really good souvenir of my year in the Diploma in Communication Studies.”

M. Chow, Diploma 2004-2005
“I’m currently working as Production Coordinator for Galafilm Inc., on a Discovery Channel Canada, US, and international project.”

E. Meunier. Diploma 2003-2004
“I obtained my MA degree in Performance Studies from New York University. I am now freelancing for various publications in New York City.”

L. Piercy, Diploma 2005-2006
“I am working at NATIONAL Public Relations in the the PharmaCom practice group as a consultant. Here is a brief overview of what I do: as a Consultant, I work with the Senior Vice President and Partner of NATIONAL PharmaCom and the PharmaCom team in consulting, developing and delivery of communication strategies for leading corporations in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.”

M. Matinopoulos, Diploma 2003-2004
“I’m a project manager at a company called P/S/L, consulting group. It’s a market research company and our clients are all in the pharmaceutical field.”

O. Fortin, Diploma 2005-2006
“I am currently enrolled in the Masters program in Media Studies at Concordia. I am also developing a project for an animatated series a Toronto Production company.”

A. Neill, Diploma 2005-2006
“I am currently working at the Cossette Communications Group, in their public relations division called Optimum Public Relations. I am a PR Coordinator, and work predominantly on Bell Canada projects at the moment. You can actually check out an article that fellow alumni Thierry Harris wrote that mentions me and Lauren Piercy (also alumni) in The Concordian on page 18! I just picked up my copy today.”