Doctoral Thesis Listing

Year Name   Supervisor Title Current Position
2012 Melanie Hogan Matt Soar “Crashing the Archive: A Research-Creation Intervention into the SAW Video Mediatheque
2012 Tamara Shepherd Leslie Shade “Persona Rights in Young People’s Labour of New Media Policy”
2012 Brian Fauteux Charles Acland and Leslie Shade “Canadian Campus Radio and the Shaping of Sounds and Scenes”
2012 Kenza Oumlil Yasmin Jiwani “Talking Back': Counter-Hegemonic Discourses of North American Arab and Muslim Women Artists”
2012 William Tayeebwa Lorna Roth “(Re)framing Mass Media Values: The Prospects and Challenges of Peace Media in Uganda”
2012 Erin Kathleen Despard Peter van Wyck “The dream of ‘la ville fleurie': A non-linear history and pragmatic criticism of public gardens in Montreal”
2012 Louis Pelletier Charles Acland “The Fellows Who Dress the Pictures: Montreal Film Exhibitors in the Days of Vertical Integration (1912-1952)”
2012 Fabien Rose Chantal Nadeau “(Sa)voir le genre autrement: le gender passing comme paradigme”
2012 Jon van der Veen William Buxton “Participatory Listmaking: Encyclopedic Lists, Evaluative Lists, Playlists”
2011 Mohamed BEN MOUSSA Leslie Shade
William Buxton
“The use of Internet by Social Movements in Morocco: Implications of Collective Action and Political Change”
2011 Bruno CORNELLIER Monika Gagnon
Chantal Nadeau
“La ‘chose indienne': Cinéma et politiques de la représentation autochtone dans la colonie de peuplement libérale”
2011 Heather DAVIS Monika Gagnon “Art that Loves People: Relational Subjectivity in Community-based Art”
2011 Nicole PORTER Charles Acland “Isn’t it about time? American Television Networks in the Face of Temporal and Institutional Challenges 1970-1985″
2011 Chantal FRANCOEUR Kim Sawchuk “Choc des cultures, contre-discours et adaptation: l’intégration, le régime et vérité radio-canadien”
2011 Andrea ZEFFIRO Kim Sawchuk “Locations of Practice: The Social Production of Locative Media”
2009 Caroline CARON Kim Sawchuk “Vues, mais non entendues. Les adolescentes Québécoises francophones et l’hypersexualisation de la mode et des médias”
2009 Gabriela GOMEZ RODRIGUEZ Martin Allor The Construction of Social Imaginaries on Terrorism in Newspapers from montreal and Guadalajara: A Comparative Study Among Three Cultural Groups Professor, Departamento de Estudios de la Comunicación Social, the University of Guadalahara, Mexico
2009 Brandi L. BELL Leslie Shade Youth Socio-Political Participation in a Context of Change: Media Representations of the Young Active Citizen in Canada, 1960s to 2000s
2009 James MCLEAN William Buxton A War Room in Canada: Politics, Journalism, Publics and the Competition for Credibility
2009 Katrina Maria PEDDLE Leslie Shade Youth Culture—Say What? Negotiating Rural Space in Daily Life in Southern Labrador: A Participatory Photovoice Project
2009 Joanne Marie STOBER Charles Acland Wired for Sound: Conversion to Synchronized Sound in Canada 1926-1934
2009 Nathan RAMBUKKANA Chantal Nadeau Non-Monogamies and the Space of Discourse Theorizing the Intersections of Non/Monogamy and Intimate Privilege in the Public Sphere
2009 Gerda CAMMAER Martin Allor Afterimages and Afterthoughts about the Afterlife of Film: a Memory of Resistance Image Arts, Ryerson University
2008 Tamara Helen VUKOV Chantal Nadeau Affective Politics, Effective Borders: News Media Events and the Governmental Formation of Canadian Immigration
2008 Kenneth WERBIN Kim Sawchuk The List Serves: The Apparatuses of Security and Governmentality Contemporary Studies, Wilfred Laurier
2008 Peter LESTER Charles Acland Cultural Continuity and Technological Indeterminancy: Itinerant 16mm Film Exhibition in Canada, 1918-1949
2008 Judith A. NICHOLSON Kim Sawchuk Killing Time: Cellphone Use and Racialized Viewing in North America, From Dick Tracy to Abu Ghraib and Beyond Wilfred Laurier
2008 Alison POWELL Leslie Shade Co-Productions of Technology, Culture and Policy in North America’s Community Wireless Networking Movement
2007 Linnet FAWCETT Kim Sawchuk Evoking Affect, Becoming Movement: from Writing that Skates to the Swaggering Midlife Female Trick Skater
2007 Charlene VACON Andra McCartney Alimentation and Acadienite: Food and Cultural Identity in Rural Nova Scotia Tourist Destinations
2007 Owen CHAPMAN Andra McCartney Selected Sounds: a Collective Investigation into the Practice of Sample-Based Music Communication Studies, Concordia
2007 George V. OBLIN Lorna Roth The Paix des Braves Agreement of 2002: an Analysis of Cree Responses
2006 Slavka ANTONOVA Lorna Roth Power Dynamics in Global Communication Governance: Internet Regulation and the Case of Icann (1998-2002)
2006 Raluca Maria FRATILOIU Maurice Charland Leonardo da Montreal: The Rhetoric of Italianita and the Canadian Post-Nation Communications, Okanagan College
2004 Boulou DE B’BERI EBANDA Martin Allor Africanicity in Black Cinema: A Horizontal Labyrinth of Trans-Geographical Practices of Identity Communication, University of Ottawa
2004 Sandra GABRIELE Kim Sawchuk Gendering Journalism (History): The Emergence of the Woman Journalist, Toronto, 1880-1895 Concordia
2004 Yon HSU William Buxton Montreal’s Twinning with Shanghai – A Case Study of Urban Diplomacy in the Global Economy Research Fellow, Concordia
2004 Robyn DINER Kim Sawchuk Bodies of Irony: Irony, the Unruly Body, Feminist Performance
2003 Malcolm K. CECIL Martin Allor Categories of Experience, Logics of Inquiry and the Work of Analytic Concepts in the Discourses of Critical Communications Studies
2003 Amin Mohammed ALHASSAN Martin Allor The Postcolonial State and Nation in the Articulation of Development and Communication Policy in Ghana Social Science, York
2002 Sandra W. LANGLEY Martin Allor The Articulation of Sandinismo and of the 1980 National Literacy Campaign in Nicaragua
2002 Mayda TOPOUSHIAN William Buxton Interpreting the Constructed Realities of the 1991 Gulf War: A Comparative Textual Analysis of Two Arab and Two North American Newspapers
2001 Roger LAROSE Maurice Charland La crise d’Oka a la television: l’eloge du barbare
2001 Thomas A. HAIG Kim Sawchuk The Conversant Community: HIV Health Promotion Work at Action Sero Zero
2000 Catherine J. BUSBY Martin Allor Tragedies, Transgressions, and Transformations: Memory, Suffering, Pain and Recovery Culture
2000 Sheryl HAMILTON Kim Sawchuk Interrogating the Cybernetic Imaginary: or Control and Communication in the Human and the Machine CRC, Communication & Law, Carleton University
2000 Maria Nengeh MENSAH Kim Sawchuk L’anatomie du visible. Connaitre les femmes seropositives au moyed des media Université du Québec à Montréa
2000 Kyle William MECHAR Chantal Nadeau The Politics of Speaking for: Theorizing the Limits of Liberation and Equality in Gay and Lesbian Political Discourse
1999 Eleanor G. BEATTIE Maurice Charland Public Education in the Mass Media: National Farm Radio Forum on CBC Radio
1999 Michael J. GASHER William Buxton The Grey Fox Meets Jumanji: The Emergence of the Feature-Film Industry in British Columbia Journalism, Concordia University
1999 Mei WU William Buxton Negotiating a Community Space in the State Media: The Development of Cable Television in China — A Case Study of A Community Cable TV Station in Tianjin
1999 Josephine MILLS Kim Sawchuk Public Occupations: Art Theory, Cultural Methodology, and Social Change
1998 Julianne PIDDUCK Kim Sawchuk Intimate Places and Flights of Fancy: Gender, Space, and Movement in Contemporary Costume Drama Communication, Université de Montréal
1997 Keir A.J. KEIGHTLEY Martin Allor Frank Sinatra, Hi-Fi, and Formations of Adult Culture: Gender, Technology and Celebrity, 1048-62 FIMS, Western
1996 Christine TARPIN Martin Allor Les musées québécois: de la sauvegarde de la mémoire collective à la communication
1996 Anne K. WHITELAW Martin Allor Exhibiting Canada: Articulations of National Identity at the National Gallery of Canada Art History, Concordia University
1995 Carole GROLEAU William Gilsdorf An Examination of the Computerized Information Flow Contributing to the Mobility of Tasks in Three Newly Computerized Firms Communication, Université de Montréal
1994 Lorna ROTH William Gilsdorf Northern Voices and Mediating Structures: The Emergence and Development of First Peoples’ Television Broadcasting in the Canadian North Communication Studies, Concordia University
1993 Marilyn BURGESS Martin Allor “Dark Devils in the Saddle” A Discursive Analysis of Tourist and Entertainment Formations Constituting Western Canadian Regional Identity
1993 Kevin L DOWLER Maurice Charland An Historical Inquiry into the Political and Cultural Context for the Emergence of the Television Aesthetic in the 1950s Communication Studies, York University
1993 David A. HOGARTH William Gilsdorf Agency and Structure in Cultural Production: A Case Study of News Work at Canada’s CBC Newsworld Communication Studies, York University
1993 Jenepher LENNOX William Gilsdorf The Appearance of Shared Meanings: Ambiguity and Humour in Police Communication Communication, University of Ottawa
1993 Raymond A. CHARRON Maurice Charland A Philosophical Perspective on the Problems and Implications of the Communications Theory of Harold Innis
1993 Paul THEBERGE Consumers of Technology: Musical Instrument Innovations and The Musicians’ Market CRC in Technological Mediations, Carleton University
1992 Michael DORLAND Brian Lewis The Discursive Economy of the Emergence of the Canadian Feature Film: Discourses of Dependency and the Gouvernmentalization of the Displaced National Cinema, 1957-1968 School of Journalism & Communication, Carleton University